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Helios Kemostik izdelki

Kamnik,June 30th2015

Merger of Belinka Kemostik and Helios kemična tovarna Domžale and change of company’s name

Dear business partner,

the adhesives and starches program of the Helios Group is growing and becoming increasingly important. In the following years we are planning to extend our scope of operation in this segment and provide new products to our partners. Within the scope of actions required for realization of our goals, we have decided to consolidate the activities of the companies Belinka Kemostik d.o.o. and Helios Kemična tovarna Domžale d.o.o. within one company. Listed companies have both operated in the field of adhesives and starches, with their activities complementing each other significantly.

With such reasoning we have taken all the necessary actions for the District Court of Ljubljana to enter the merger of Belinka Kemostik and Helios Kemična tovarna Domžale in the register of companies on 30th of June 2015 . The merger of listed companies will provide additional reliability and safety for business partners. With becoming a larger company with more capital, we ensure additional stability and enhance your confidence in our complete fulfillment of our obligations on a regular basis and in the future.

Upon entering the merger in the register of companies, we changed the companys name from
Belinka Kemostik d.o.o. to Helios Kemostik d.o.o. , with headquarter in Kamnik.

Please note that by entering the change of companys name in the register of companies on 30th of June 2015, the data of Helios Kemostik are to be used for all business events (deliveries, services and other business relations):

Full name of the company:

Helios Kemostik, tovarna lepil in kemičnih izdelkov, d.o.o.

Abbreviated name of the company:

Helios Kemostik d.o.o.



Business address:

Mekinje, Molkova pot 16, 1241 Kamnik

Registration number:


ID for VAT:

SI 22323538

Account numbers:

IBAN SI56 0231 2001 6073 491 (NLB d.d.)
IBAN SI56 0310 5100 0344 171 (SKB d.d.)

We would also like to inform you that business e-mail adress has been changed accordingly. From now on please e-mail us to kemostik@helios.si. In the future also e-mail addresses of the contact persons from the former company Belinka Kemostik will be changed (new e-mail address will be: name.surname@helios.si), on which you will be informed by your contact person, while phone numbers of all employees remain unchanged.

All information related to the new company are also available at www.kemostik.si.

For any questions you might have we are availbale at T: + 386-1830-3750.

Thank you for your understanding and best regards!

Mateja Zore

Managing Director


Белинка Кемостик е фабрика цо, речиси, 50-годишна традиција во производството на лепила и им нуди потрошувачите широк цпектар на квалитетни производи. Сите производи на Белинка Кемостик се резултат од искуства и знање на сопствени специјалисти. Цо широката програма на производи, нашите специјалисти успешно помагаат во решавање на проблемите во подрачјето на лепење, херметичко затиување, полирање и брушење.

Корисници на нашите производи се работниците во индустријата и бо градеживиштвото, занаетчиски мајстори, учениц при вршење на училишните задачи и деца, во своите креативни игри. Нашите производи секојденвно наогаат корисна примена и во домовите, за безброј мали зафати.

Нашите производни проциси се организирани според постојните стандарди за квалитет ISO 9001:2008 и за сообразеност со систем за постапување со околината, според барањата на меѓународниот стандард ISO 14001:2004.

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